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The benefits of using a PEO

The benefits of using a professional employer organization (PEO) are well established within the human resource industry. Even many of the largest private companies have found that the use of a PEO yields more employee benefits at a far more affordable price than an in-house HR department.

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How Does Background Screening Protect Your Core Assets?

  Do you know if your pre-employment screening covers…

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Considering Your Options When Starting a New Business.

The hard part is over- you have taken the initiative, the leap of faith to pursue your own dream. However, to ensure you give yourself the best possible start, it is prudent to have everything lined up to prepare your new business for success and to protect it.

Credit Card Chargebacks & Fraud Explained

The occurrence of fraud and chargebacks has been increasing over the past few years. The increased financial risk posed by this threat has resulted in the burden of proof being placed on the merchant to provide proper documentation for all credit card sales.

Passing on Credit Card Processing Fees and Compliance       

It’s possible to pay 0% for credit card processing with one catch: There are a few rules and compliance items that need to be addressed first.  

Getting new clients is all about the math

How much are you spending to attract new customers and how much are you spending to keep the customers you have?

Florida PEO Workers’ Compensation Update

By Torben Madson, Deputy General Counsel of FAPEO The Division…

Do you naturally attract or repel customers?

With the evolution of the internet, websites and social media might make it seem like marketing has become harder because there are so many choices; but actually it is easier. You don’t need to be everywhere, all the time. You just need to be at the right place, at the right time.

Are Business Meals and Entertainment Tax Deductible?

As business owners, we place priority on building relationships and making mutually beneficial connections.  In doing so, we can spend a good amount on meals and entertainment.  However, some self-employed individuals do not even realize that these types of expenses are tax deductible.

Great article in FAPEO newsletter about Chris Kenny from UES

Great article in FAPEO newsletter about Chris Kenny from UES