The National PEO Brokers Association was established to provide tools and resources for PEO Advisors/Brokers. The benefits of membership in NPEOBA include educational tools and resources, extensive PEO Advisor/Broker Marketplace, plus PEO, Broker and vendor forums, and more. In addition, we produce a newsletter and a confidential marketplace to submit and shop bids.

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click The National PEO Brokers Association promotes the benefits of the Professional Employer Organization industry while providing a complete resource center for the Independent PEO Advisor/Broker who advocates on behalf of their clients to PEO companies.

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National PEO Brokers Association Mission

The National PEO Brokers Association was created to offer Independent Advisors/Brokers who work in the PEO industry a complete resource center for industry news & information, access to PEO companies and affiliated vendors.  Through navigating the Marketplace, Directories, News and Vendor tabs, a PEO Advisor/Broker will access tremendous resources needed to help better advocate for their PEO clients.

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