Do you naturally attract or repel customers?

By: Barbara Gobbi; BG Marketing Solutions

You know the dream…you open your door for business and customers literally flock to you. Each day resembles a bridal sample sale at Barney’s and customers fight over your products and services. You can even be choosy about the type of customer you most want. But what if that dream could be a reality?

Throughout the decades, there has been a shift in the way we attract customers. We have evolved from Death of a Salesman, going door-to-door to try and convince people they need you. Then came the Mad Men era, producing sexy ads trying to convince people they need you. Today we are in the age of marketing and branding. Developing our own unique selling proposition and promoting it to our ideal customer; not the whole world.

With the evolution of the internet, websites and social media might make it seem like marketing has become harder because there are so many choices; but actually, it is easier. You don’t need to be everywhere, all the time. You just need to be at the right place, at the right time.

Inbound Marketing, in its most basic terms, is all about your business being at the right place, at the right time. Rather than interruption-based, outbound marketing, where spam filters and do-not-call lists make it more difficult for you to break through the noise of your competition, Inbound Marketing ensures you are present when your customer is ready to buy.

But where is that right place and when is the right time? Knowing this information begins with knowing your customer. Having a good idea about their personality and their buying habits will help you to determine where you need to focus your efforts. With Inbound Marketing, marketers focus on ensuring your business can be found organically on search engines. This can be done with keyword-rich content on your website, frequent blogs, local search listings, and social media.

Next time you think about picking up the phone to cold call to hunt down your next customer, think of how nice it would be if your customer came to YOU!

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